While you consider all your options for hurricane protection for your home, you must learn the benefits of one of the best hurricane protection systems on the market: the DIY AstroGuard hurricane protection fabric.

Safeguard your Charleston, SC or Beaufort, SC home knowing that you made the best selection for your needs, abilities, and budget. Below are the main advantages of DIY AstroGuard hurricane protection in Charleston, SC, as well as an overview of how to install it.


What is AstroGuard Hurricane Protection Fabric?

AstroGuard hurricane fabric is a resin-coated hybrid fabric that boasts some of the best protection against hurricane storms on the market. Due to its hybridity and resin-coating, the fabric is 40% more durable than polypropylene, which is a fabric often found in alternative hurricane protections to AstroGuard.

You can install and deploy DIY AstroGuard hurricane protection in Charleston, SC and Beaufort, SC on windows, doors, and other openings along the exterior of your home. It is easily removed and stored when the hurricane season has passed.

When properly installed on your Beaufort, SC house before a storm, AstroGuard hurricane protection fabric prevents pressure changes within your home, saving you from costly repairs from roof lift off and damage.


The Benefits of DIY AstroGuard Hurricane Protection on Charleston, SC Homes

  • Protection you can count on. AstroGuard hurricane fabric provides top-notch protection during hurricanes and other severe storms.


  • Economical. The fabric ranges between $12 to $16 per square foot, allowing you to make no compromises on how many openings of your Beaufort, SC home receive protection.


  • Seamless appearance. When not deployed, AstroGuard hurricane protection anchors are virtually invisible from the street.


  • Good choice for historic homes. Many homes in Charleston, SC, and Beaufort, SC are historic and possess qualities that you don’t want to alter.


  • Lightweight. AstroGuard hurricane fabric’s construction is lightweight, making it simple to deploy quickly.


  • Compact. Since the fabric is easily rolled or folded, AstroGuard’s hurricane protection system is easy to pack away in whatever storage space you have. Plus, the system comes with bags for even easier storage.


  • Low maintenance. The durability of the fabric, thanks to the resin-coating, makes it both long-lasting and low maintenance.  


  • Far from blackout curtains. Some concern that we hear about hurricane protection systems is the inability to allow light into the house while deployed. Thankfully, this option for DIY AstroGuard hurricane protection in Charleston, SC, and Beaufort, SC allows light into the house when deployed, leaving you feeling at home, not as though you are in a bunker.


  • Insurance approved. AstroGuard hurricane protection fabric is very well-constructed, making it eligible for most insurance discounts.


The Drawbacks of DIY AstroGuard Hurricane Protection for Charleston, SC Houses

  • Slightly more labor intensive. Compared to some other options, many of which are permanent fixtures that must be installed professionally, AstroGuard’s hurricane protection fabric is more work to deploy than more expensive solutions.


How To Install AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric

Once you’ve received your materials, you can begin installing your DIY AstroGuard hurricane protection on your Charleston, SC or Beaufort, SC home.

Though you may feel a little intimidated by the supplies when you first receive your hurricane protection system, know that DIY Hurricane Protection chooses products that are both high in quality and easy to install for our customers.

What comes with your kit for DIY AstroGuard Hurricane Protection in Charleston, SC and Beaufort, SC :

  • AstroGuard material
  • AstroGuard clips and hardware
  • Driver Bit


What you’ll need to install your DIY AstroGuard Hurricane Protection in Charleston, SC, and Beaufort, SC :

  • Hammer drill
  • Drill bits
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Sharp scissors or a box cutter
  • Cutting surface, like a sheet of cardboard or protective surface for your floors and knees
  • Air duster
  • 4’ level with a straight edge
  • Permanent marker
  • Step ladder


DIY AstroGuard Hurricane Protection in Charleston, SC, and Beaufort, SC is not rocket science; instead, it’s been perfectly designed to be an easy install for anyone with the right tools, just like yourself!

The protective fabric can easily be installed onto your Charleston, SC home with the help of this detailed instructional video. The steps for installation are:

  1. Measure your opening according to the material of your home.
  2. Mark placement of holes.
  3. Drill holes on the previously marked spots.
  4. Install anchors, followed by the installation of clips onto the anchors.
  5. Slide the fabric into clips, starting with the top right clip, ensuring that the fabric is taut and flush with your home.
  6. Install screws into your fabric.
  7. Admire your work in protecting your home!

Remember that even if you don’t have all the tools required for the job, most tools can be easily rented or purchased at your local Charleston, SC hardware store. Installing DIY AstroGuard Hurricane Protection in Charleston, SC for your home is easier than you think, saving you time in both the short and long term. Call us at 727-488-8182 or online to learn more about DIY AstroGuard Hurricane Protection in Charleston, SC, and Beaufort, SC or for a free quote!