1. Marker
  2. Ladder
  3. Measuring tape
  4. Philips head screw driver
  5. Drill

Concrete surfaces require a power hammer drill

  1. 7/16″ drill bits
  2. 1/2″ drill bits
  3. AstroGaurd Hurricane Fabric Panels
  4. Hardware and clips purchased with AstroGaurd


1: Secure the clips and attach the fabric
Before you begin, verify which sides of your opening require clips. If your fabric panels will attach to the top of an opening, begin at the top. Otherwise, begin on the left side of the opening.

Mark 2 inches from the corner of the side you are attaching first. Use a tape measure to mark the placement from the other clips, measurement should be center-to-center. Most clips should be placed 12 inches apart, unless stated otherwise due to your home type or location. Repeat this on the other sides of the opening that the fabric will attach to.

Once you have made the marks, attach your first clip by placing the top and bottom pieces together. Slip the hurricane fabric between these pieces, matching the edge of the fabric with the first notch.

Attach eight screws with a screwdriver. Repeat with the rest of the clips.

2: Drill and Mount your AstroGuard

Center your hurricane fabric over the opening. Next, make a park where the first clip will be attached, in the upper left corner.

With your standard drill or power hammer drill (depending on the surface,) make a hole in this spot. Attach the anchor with the driver bit, and then secure the fabric in that area.

Next, stretch the AstroGuard across the space, marking where the clips will be positioned on the opposite side. Follow the previous instructions to create holes, attach the anchors, and install the fabric. Remember not to pull the fabric too tightly.

3: Take Fabric Off

After ensuring the AstroGuard has been placed correctly, remove the fabric. Next, label which opening the pieces cover for easy installation and to decrease chances of confusion.

4: Storing and Tidying Up

This hurricane fabric is simple to fold, put in storage bags, and tuck away. Before storing AstroGuard, ensure the material is dry and clean. To treat stains, use a scrub brush with OxiClean. For general cleaning, water, and mild soap work well.

If you experience stucco walls chipping during your installation, use stucco patch to fill the hole and let it dry. You can touch this spot up with paint, as well as paint the sidewalk bolts that are flush mounted to the wall, when the fabric is not deployed, making these anchors virtually unseen.