DIY Hurricane Protection Options | Gulfport | Biloxi | Ocean Springs | DIY Hurricane ProtectionLiving in Oceanside cities like Gulfport, Biloxi, and Ocean Springs has its perks, but come hurricane season, it’s important to be prepared for gale-force winds and flooding that can otherwise cause severe damage to homes and commercial buildings.


Though an early prediction of 2019’s hurricane season suggests that the year’s heavy storm activity will be less than the catastrophic storms of recent years, it’s important to prepare your home for uncertainty with DIY Hurricane Protection options in Gulfport.


Protect Your Home: DIY Hurricane Protection Options in Gulfport


With strong, forceful winds comes the inevitable flying debris that could seriously damage your home and property. Our DIY Hurricane Protection options in Gulfport protect your home from projectiles and debris that could strike your property and cause extensive damage.


Protecting your home from hurricane damage has significant financial benefits. In addition to safeguarding your home against damage, the proper installation of an approved hurricane protection system can lead to discounts on your home insurance premiums. Not only that, but simple hurricane fabric can easily be installed yourself, saving on the costs of a hired professional.


Hurricane Fabric


It might be surprising that fabric panels would provide sufficient protection against flying debris during a hurricane or heavy storm. However, hurricane fabric panels meet or exceed state building codes and ASTM standards for hurricane protection. The durability of these DIY Hurricane Protection options in Gulfport is due to the material, which is often either geo-synthetic, PVC-coated fabric, or Kevlar.


Benefits of hurricane fabric panels include:


  • Lightweight material for easy transport and handling
  • Simple installation
  • Allows some light into your home
  • Compact storage


Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters


Storm panels are corrugated sheets of steel or aluminum. These panels attach to walls around windows using tracks and bolts in a variety of different alignments. This DIY Hurricane Protection option in Gulfport is very heavy duty, designed with overlap for even more strength against damage.


Though storm panels are inexpensive and strong against projectiles, the system is much heavier than fabric. This usually requires more than one person to install. In addition, storm panels are large, metal, and not collapsible, making the panels difficult to store.


Bahama Shutters


These shutters are designed for easy adjustability, so you can raise the shutters for shade when not in use. Or even lower and secure the shutters to make your property storm-ready. Bahama shutters provide shade and are adjustable to be storm-ready or to simply provide shade when the weather is better.


However, the design means a permanent installation. This is a major commitment to the overall appearance of your home. Including the type of hurricane protection system you want for the long term. We have many Bahama shutter DIY Hurricane Protection options in Gulfport to choose from. This includes a wide range of colors to match your exterior design palette.


Colonial Shutters


Similar to Bahama shutters, colonial shutters are a permanent hurricane protection solution for your home or business. The system appears decorative but is also a permanent solution. Not like one that you can take down and store after the hurricane season is over. It should also be noted that this system’s design can increase the installation time. It requires a storm bar to lock the shutters in place. Colonial shutters are another DIY Hurricane Protection option in Gulfport that comes in plenty of shades to match décor.


Roll Down Shutters


Another permanent hurricane solution, roll down shutters are installed above windows and are then activated by a button to roll down. Though simple to activate, this button control does require a battery backup, in the case of power outages during a storm.


Hurricane protection for garage and entry doors, as well as windows, are not one-in-the-same. It’s important to consider the appearance of your house, the permanence of your next hurricane protection system, as well as your installation preferences and abilities.


Easy Installation


At DIY Hurricane Protection, we believe in providing the best hurricane protection systems for your home, especially those that are simple and effortless to install yourself.


One of our most popular products, hurricane fabric panels, has gained its popularity because of its easy installation process. The resilient fabric is framed with grommets or straps, which are then easily fastened to the outside of your windows and doors with bolts or buckles, respectively. In addition to easy installation, hurricane fabric is easy to store, as you can simply roll it up and store it in the corner of your garage or shed until the next hurricane season rolls around.


When you’re considering DIY Hurricane Protection options in Gulfport, think about hurricane fabric. It’s durable, providing excellent protection for the cost and allowing you to affordably equip your home for severe weather conditions. If you still have questions about how to install hurricane fabric on your home or business, our qualified team of specialists is there to guide you through the process.


Hurricane season always brings about uncertainty and nerves regarding the safety of your family and the protection of your home or business. Find peace of mind year after year knowing that your home is shielded by the best hurricane protection system available. Call us at 727-488-8182 to discover your DIY Hurricane Protection options in Gulfport or contact us online for a free quote!