DIY Hurricane Fabric | Jacksonvellie | DIY Hurricane ProtectionLiving in Jacksonville comes with many gifts, such as sunshine, balmy weather, beautiful ocean views, and access to amazing beaches, but it also comes with hurricane season. In preparation for hurricane-force winds and extreme rainfall in Jacksonville, it’s crucial to invest in protection systems like DIY hurricane fabric for your home and business to prevent severe damage and costly repairs.

Hurricane Hazards in Jacksonville

Before hurricane season in Jacksonville, it’s extremely important to proactively find effective ways at protecting your home and businesses to minimize potential destruction. The most at-risk areas of a building when a hurricane hits are the windows and garage for the following reasons:

  1. Strong and intense winds can shatter windows and seriously injure those indoors.
  2. Damaged windows expose your property to driving rains and damaging debris.
  3. Garage doors are one of the weakest parts of your Jacksonville home and one of the most difficult to protect during storms.
  4. When garage doors can’t handle high winds, pressurization occurs, which results in the subsequent collapsing of the roof. What follows is a catastrophic loss of the building.

To prevent shattered windows that could cause further injury, and a collapsed garage that could compromise the integrity of the building, investing in a simple protective measure could save you time, money, and keep you safe. What’s your best option? DIY hurricane fabric in Jacksonville.

Simple Protection Option: DIY Hurricane Fabric

Although not as well-known as metal and plywood shutters, DIY hurricane fabric is an excellent technology that is just as reliable and durable. Fabric may seem underwhelming regarding hurricane protection, but hurricane fabric panels actually provide sufficient protection against flying debris during a heavy storm or hurricane in Jacksonville.

It may come as a surprise to some that hurricane fabric panels meet or exceed state building codes and ASTM standards for hurricane protection. The materials used in hurricane fabric include geo-synthetic, PVC-coated fabric, or Kevlar, hence the impressive durability. In fact, it has been seen that hurricane fabric outperforms traditional metal and plywood shutters.

AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric: Specific Design Benefits

AstroGuard hurricane fabric is a DIY West Shore Construction offering, and it’s one of the most trusted types of hurricane fabric on the market. The hybrid fabric is resin-coated and provides unmatched protection during a storm. The creators focused on four qualities when designing this product:


  • Durability. The fabric is made from ballistic-related nylon and is heavy-duty enough to resist flying debris, water, and wind speeds above that of a Category 5 hurricane. It can take over 1,500 pounds of force.


  • Flexibility. Its flexible nature allows the material to stop flying debris and projectiles more effectively than any other form of hurricane protection.


  • Lightweight material. Unlike metal and wood, DIY hurricane AstroGuard fabric is much lighter to handle and transport.


Other benefits of hurricane fabric for your home in Jacksonville include:


  • Cost-effective and simple installation. Most people don’t anticipate the work required to properly install metal roll-down shutters or other metal hurricane panels. DIY hurricane fabric panels are so easy to install that you can really do it yourself, without professional help. It requires little to no heavy lifting. It is also the most cost-effective option.


  • Allows some light inward. Hurricane fabric is translucent and won’t block out light entirely.


  • Compact storage. In comparison to aluminum, plywood, or corrugated steel hurricane panels, DIY hurricane fabric is much easier to store as it takes up much less space and can be condensed easier.


Why Choose DIY Hurricane Fabric for Your Jacksonville Property?


In Jacksonville specifically, DIY hurricane fabric is a fantastic option as the city is not as susceptible to severe hurricanes as the rest of Florida. The unique benefits of hurricane fabric allow you to have peace of mind in terms of protection while being able to store the fabric away when the threat has subsided.


DIY hurricane fabric is unparalleled in the hurricane protection market. Although it is the newest technology and lesser known, it is fully recognized and approved by major insurance companies. Another great benefit? Hurricane protection will lower homeowner’s insurance rates. With DIY hurricane fabric, we provide you with hurricane product codes, documenting to your insurance company that they meet the highest testing standard. That may qualify you for a substantial insurance rate discount!


Hurricane season isn’t the time to take risks. By investing in DIY hurricane fabric in Jacksonville, you can be at peace knowing that your home and businesses will remain safe and dry when the storm hits. Interested in purchasing the best hurricane protection system in Jacksonville? Call us at 727-488-8182 or reach out online for a free quote.