If you live in the Jacksonville area, then do-it-yourself hurricane protection and preparation can be simple and economic. Merely boarding up windows may be an effective way to block debris during a storm. However, is that the best solution? Not even close. Fabric covers are inexpensive and a simple solution to hurricane protection. When it comes to hurricane fabrics, Astroguard installation provides users with an easier set-up and storage.

Other types of protection are sometimes not even rated for hurricane wind speeds in Jacksonville. Unlike generic ones that are made of cheaper materials, Astroguard maintains a high standard of quality. This involves projectile testing and using materials that are stronger than the average synthetic natural blend in other hurricane fabric covers. Just because installation does not require professional set-up does not mean you receive less protection than other more expensive options either. Astroguard products are unique and stronger than average fabrics.

What Makes Astroguard Covers Unique?

One of the most advantageous parts of having any system of hurricane fabric is the ease of use and storage. Rather than having to invest in changing the aesthetics of your property with shutters, you can remove your covers when done. The best part is that Astroguard installation is entirely doable by yourself and with common tools that you may have at your home. No longer do Jacksonville homeowners need to mess around with driving nails through plywood or heaving boards in place. Easy Astroguard installation is not the only benefit, however.

If you decide to invest in hurricane fabric from Astroguard, then you can potentially save hundreds each year. Minor damage due to storms can quickly pile up. Repairs and replacements may not seem like much until you add them up over the years. Astroguard can protect your windows, garages, and doors from debris and hurricane-force winds. The design for these covers is patent and not available on every other hurricane fabric. The fabric is easy to customize for various Jacksonville homes, maintain, and also uses high-quality materials.

Astroguard Installation; A Solution for Varied Locations

Most hurricane shutters have ratings well below that of hurricane fabric. Locations like Jacksonville that frequently have higher wind speeds can cause weak shutters to fly open. By comparison, Astroguard installation is quicker, easier, and not able to flip open like shutters. This means that regardless of the area you are in, the right fabric is potentially a better option. While you may believe your windows or sliding glass door are excellent since they withstood other storms, it’s best not to risk thousands of dollars worth of damage. All it takes is one sizable projectile to damage glass, cause micro-fractures, and lead to seemingly spontaneous shattering.

Easy to maintain

Another significant issue with hurricane protection is keeping your covers in top shape. Some homeowners do not remove their heavy metal covers merely because it is too troublesome. Instead, certain ones allow the user to lift them above the window. Leaving these temporary covers on year-round is unappealing and will start to show signs of wear and tear. By investing in Astroguard installation, you avoid the need to repaint, repair, or replace many heavy covers over the years. Instead, you can remove the fabric from your wall using a screwdriver when done. Because they can roll up, they are also much easier to remove and store. They are also simple to clean. Jacksonville users only need soap and water to remove any stuck-on dirt and debris effectively.

Unique Materials

Instead of cheaper DIY hurricane fabric, West Shore Hurricane Protection provides customers with the highest quality materials for their storm covers. Astroguard installation does not rely on plastic coatings to provide protection. While durable and waterproof, plastics like polypropylene damage the environment. They are also not as impact-resistant since makers also often use a mix of synthetic and natural fibers. Materials like nylon, which is in Astroguard covers, are much stronger. The ceramic coating also ensures you get more use out of your hurricane fabric.

DIY hurricane protection has never been more accessible. You can go online or call (727) 488-8182 today to learn more about DIY Astroguard installation. Don’t wait until hurricanes come knocking to make sure you’re protected. Jacksonville residents can also explore other DIY options by going visiting our website.