DIY projects have become more accessible and affordable with the advent on easy to order materials and online guides. However, there is still a lot of misinformation or lack of professional grade items that offer easy installation for Jacksonville residents. DIY Hurricane fabric is different, depending on which ones you decide to invest in. If you do not have any protection from debris, then the choice is clear. It is always more beneficial to take a proactive approach to protect your property. Damage to sliding glass doors and windows can be in the thousands from a single hurricane or tornado.

Common Hurricane Fabric Questions

Other options like hurricane shutters can be expensive and take time to install. You may not have enough time to ready plywood and board up windows. Rushing to hammer in plywood onto second floors may also be dangerous. Some commercial properties opt for large metal roll-out covers like those on a garage. However, they can be aesthetically unpleasing and only protect the storefront. DIY hurricane fabric simplifies the entire protection process and makes set-up a breeze. Unless you are fine wasting time, money, and effort dealing with boards, then the best choice is clear. However, you may be wondering:

  • What is hurricane fabric made of?
  • How strong is it?
  • Is it only for windows?

What is Hurricane Fabric Made of?

If you are going to rely on this lightweight and thin cover to protect your home and family, then you should be aware of what makes it so effective. Jacksonville has dealt with some of the strongest hurricanes in U.S history. Advances in synthetic have made it so that the high winds and debris from these storms cannot damage certain fabrics. Jacksonville buyers can also take advantage of lightweight materials for easy removal and storage.

Makers typically its durable properties achieve by coating a mixture of synthetic or natural fibers with plastic like polypropylene. Certain other types use resin instead of polypropylene to increase strength and durability. At West Shore Hurricane Protection, we instead use an even stronger combination of nylon with a ballistic coating made of ceramic.

How Strong is Hurricane Fabric?

Jacksonville residents looking for the right storm protection do not need to feel less safe when using hurricane fabric. When it comes to stopping projectiles, the more brittle, the less effective it will be at preventing impacts. Fabric options distribute the force of results, stopping them quickly. Missiles launched by winds in the hundreds of miles per hour will not be strong enough to damage your windows.

Is Hurricane Fabric only for Windows?

Unlike other options like shutters, you can also deploy DIY hurricane fabrics over other exterior surfaces besides windows. Doors are not impenetrable and can crack and leak water during a violent storm. Many doors also have designs that use glass. Protecting all the sensitive areas of your home can help you avoid water damage and costly repairs.

Even garage doors are no perfect forms of protection. Unlike easily deployable DIY hurricane fabric, garage doors rely on machinery and electronics to function. Debris and water can damage parts and leave you with a garage door that is shut tight. If you are in the Jacksonville area, then you can cover your garage and windows can reduce the chance of water damage and block projectiles. West Shore Hurricane Protection offers affordable pricing and high-quality DIY hurricane fabric. Jacksonville homeowners can avoid paying for installation or waiting weeks for contractors to arrive. You also do not need to alter frames to deploy your covers.

Protect Your Home with DIY Hurricane Protection

DIY options do not need to be ineffective or difficult to pull off with easy to use DIY hurricane fabric. You can throw away the boards, nails, and avoid damaging your walls by simply ordering online today. If you are in the Jacksonville area, then you can visit or call (727) 488-8182 to learn more about pricing and self-installation.