Storm protection can come in many forms. DIY hurricane shutters can protect the most vulnerable areas of your home- your windows- and more.  If you live in Jacksonville, then you are probably familiar with the frequency of storms. This is because Florida receives more violent weather incidents than any other State. Areas closer to the coasts and the equator are bound to have to deal with extreme weather like high category hurricanes or tornadoes. All it takes it high-speed winds to shatter average window panes. When deciding on what is the best option, you have to consider multiple factors such as costs, longevity, and ease of use or installation.

Even if something works effectively, it does not mean it is convenient or the best option. DIY Hurricane shutters provide homeowners with protection year-round without needing removal afterward. If you are looking to avoid thousands in storm damage, then DIY options like hurricane fabric can be a simple and effective process.

Advantages of DIY Hurricane Shutters

Jacksonville homeowners can simplify their protection process, avoiding hefty boards in hard-to-place covers. Being able to handle your shutters by yourself means that you no longer have to rely on the installation services. Before major storms, it can be difficult to find contractors or services in time, so finding installers can be near impossible. DIY hurricane shutters offer the advantage of the ease of use and accessibility. Rather than having to engage in construction work to redesign window panes to fit standard sizing, you instead order sizes that perfectly fit your measurements. Cheap alternatives like boarding up your windows are less effective and cannot protect every entrance. Garage doors and openings that are too large can be challenging to board over. If you live in Jacksonville, then you can rid yourself of the stress and headaches of storm protection with DIY options. Besides ease of use and easy installation, the do-it-yourself fabric can provide:

  • Better protection than boards
  • Protect large entrances including garage doors
  • Inexpensive with easy storage

1.      Better Protection

Storms can start forming and hit without much warning. Even winds that are bellow hurricane speeds can send debris in panes and shatter them. Most preparedness sites will recommend you board up at least 24 hours before a storm hits. However, what if you are not home or do not have enough time to prepare new boards? After all, wood will deteriorate and rot. Especially plywood, which does not have any real water resistance. After a single hurricane, you will typically not be able to reuse any wood. Attempting to store it will only lead to rotting. By comparison, DIY hurricane shutters like fabric are waterproof and will not rot due to exposure. They offer better protection than boards that can be worn away during storms and require hours to nail in. Jacksonville homeowners can get the best in debris absorption without blocking out all the sunlight and with less work.

2.      Protect Your Garage and More

Jacksonville residents with additional buildings like a pool or club typical have larger windows and even glass doors. DIY hurricane shutters have the flexibility to fit any situation. If you purchase your fabric from West Shore Hurricane Protection, then you will receive the right sizes for the various entrances of your home and other structures. Sheds with windows are at an even higher risk for shattering panes, given that they are smaller structures. By investing less than it would cost to purchase large metal covers or place plywood, you can receive better protection for various locations.

3.      Inexpensive with Easy Storage

Since plywood rots, aluminum awnings are also sometimes chosen to protect homes. However, the design and affordability of these covers can mean they cost much more than fabric. Jacksonville residents will also have to either leave them on year-round or remove them and put them in storage. Unlike fabric, you cannot simply roll them up. You can save hundreds by transitioning from old school options like metal awnings to easy to store DIY hurricane shutters.

When it comes to protecting your property thoroughly, West Shore Hurricane Protection has your back with the best prices and fabric. Unlike average DIY hurricane shutters, we use a ceramic based coating and higher quality nylon fabric. If you live in the Jacksonville area, then you can learn more about pricing and ordering today by going online or calling (727) 488-8182.